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Date Article
6 December 2013 Supreme Court Grants Cert. in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Intl.
By Michael Borella
6 December 2013 Is Software Patentable? : Supreme Court to Decide
By Dennis Crouch
6 December 2013

Supreme Court to decide on patent protections for software
By Lawrence Hurley

12 September 2013 Alice Files Petition for Writ of Certiorari
By Dale B. Halling
11 September 2013

Alice asks Supreme Court for CBM clarity
By World Intellectual Property Review

11 September 2013

The Further Adventures Of Alice
By James Nurton

20 August 2013

Alice Pushes Back on Prometheus: The Continuing Saga of Patent-Eligible Methods
By Kaplan IP Law

8 August 2013

Patent court further muddies the software patent waters
By Kevin Cukierski and William J. Lenz

August 2013

Is the Federal Circuit’s CLS Bank v. Alice
Corp . Decision a Cry for Help from
the Supreme Court?

By Michael L. Kiklis and James Love

31 July 2013

United States: A Method For Distributing Copyrighted Products Over The Internet Does Not Lack Subject Matter Eligibility
By Esther H. Lim

29 July 2013

The Importance of Claim Language in Determining Patent Eligibility
By Robert R. Sachs

12 July 2013

Rader’s Olive Branch: Ultramercial II Resolves the Judicial Deadlock of CLS Bank
By Robert R. Sachs

11 July 2013

United States: Fractured Court Holds Computer-Implemented System, Method, And Computer-Readable Media Claims Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101
By James A. Cooke

9 July 2013

What Is Next for Software Patents?
By Christopher G. Wolfe, Charles D. Holland and Mark G. Knedeisen

3 July 2013

Dissenting Opinions in CLS Bank International v. Alice Corp.
By Christopher M. Hall

2 July 2013 Fractured Federal Circuit creates more questions than answers
By Morrison & Foerster LLP
July 2013

A Method for Distributing Copyrighted Products over the Internet Does Not Lack Subject Matter Eligibility
By Boris Lau, Cheng Xu

26 June 2013

Ultramercial Revisited: Rader Throws Down the Gauntlet on Patent-Eligibility of Computer-Implemented Inventions*
By Eric W. Guttag

18 June 2013

Does the Myriad Decision Constitute a 5th Amendment Taking?
By Dale B. Halling

16 June 2013

The Supreme Court's Myriad Decision: Where Does It Leave the "Inventive Concept" Test?
By Grantland Drutchas

14 June 2013

Twenty Thoughts on the Importance of Myriad
By Dennis Crouch

12 June 2013

Breyer's Reinvention of the 'Inventive Concept'
By Robert R. Sachs

12 June 2013

CLS Bank v. Alice Corp.: a new hermeneutic of suspicion
By Nelson R. Capes

11 June 2013

Nation of Laws?
By Dale B. Halling

9 June 2013

False Distinctions Between Hardware and Software Patents are Not the Answer
By Eric Gould Bear

29 May 2013

Patent Claims and the Use of Abstractions
By Robert R. Sachs

28 May 2013

Is 35 USC 101 Judged by the Claims?
By Dale B. Halling

27 May 2013

The Broader Meanings of the CLS Bank Decision
By Kevin E. Noonan

23 May 2013

The Normative Stance of Patent Eligibility
By Robert R. Sachs

22 May 2013

USPTO: No Change to Software Patentability Evaluation
By Gene Quinn

17 May 2013

Is 35 USC 101 Judged by the Claims?: CLS Bank v. Alice Corp CAFC en banc decision: Nation of Men
By Dale B. Halling

16 May 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole
By The Patent Hawk

15 May 2013

A Letter from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to the United States Supreme Court
By by Stephen Jenei

15 May 2013

CLS Bank Int'l v. Alice Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2013) (en banc) -- Judge Lourie's Concurrence
By Michael Borella

15 May 2013

What Happened to Judge Lourie in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp?
By Sue D. Nym

14 May 2013

CLS v. Alice: The Federal Circuit at a Jurisprudential Deadlock
By Robert R. Sachs

14 May 2013

The Alice in Wonderland En Banc Decision by the Federal Circuit in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp
By John Kong

10 May 2013

Federal Circuit Nightmare in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp.
By Gene Quinn

9 May 2013 The Confusion between Abstractions and Abstract Intellectual Ideas
By Robert R. Sachs

Other Articles Relevant to the Alice/CLS Bank Patent Litigation

Date Article
19 November 2013

Muddled Software Patent Law Gives No Guidance, Experts Say
By Ryan Davis

29 October 2013

Rader Regrets CLS Bank Impasse, Comments on Latest Patent Reform Bill
By Tony Dutra

23 September 2013

Software Development and the Use of Abstractions
By Robert R. Sachs

16 September 2013

Why Section 101 is Neither a "Condition of Patentability" nor an Invalidity Defense
By Professor David Hricik

13 August 2013

Applying Can Openers to Real World Problems: The Failure of Economic Analysis Applied to Software Patents
By Robert R. Sachs

3 July 2013

Prometheus Unbound I: The Untethering of Laws of Nature and Patent Eligibility from Scientific Reality
By Robert R. Sachs, Jennifer R. Bush

3 June 2013

Is There Life After Bilski? Yes, but It’s Not as We Know It: A Response to Michael Risch
By Robert R. Sachs

23 May 2013

Patent Eligibility: The Historical Cases
By Robert R. Sachs

Articles About Global Derivatives Markets

Date Article
10 April 2013

Turning the red tape tide
Remarks given by Andrew G Haldane, Executive Director, Financial Stability and member of the Financial Policy Committee

28 January 2013

Futurization of Swaps
Commentary by Darrell Duffie, Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University


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